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  • Unforeseen Light

    Unforeseen LightAcrylic on Canvas2ft by 3ft; 3in in depthAvailable

  • Together

    Together 12in x 48inAcrylic on Canvas2016 original sold | prints available upon request

  • Surrender

    SurrenderOil on Canvas18in by 24in; FramedAvailable This painting is a continuation of an experiment to incorporate dance, human figures and cubist…

  • Pathways

    Pathways Mixed Media on Sculpture Board 6ft by 1.5ft 2011 Pathways was sold in 2018. With it’s unique sculptural qualities,…

  • River City

    River City Acrylic on Canvas 2014 16in x 20in Bright colors, overlapping shapes develop a different look and feel for…

  • Third One

    Third One Mixed Media on Board 2.5ft by 4ft; 2007 2008 Honorable Mention, Artworks Gallery, RVA original sold | prints…

  • Rebirth of Venus

    Rebirth of Venus was inspired by the famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli in 1486. It was a commissioned work for the Medici family of Florence. This painting is one that I was first introduced to after studying the Renaissance. Venus’ facial expression, her eyes, her mouth and her long locks of hair are something that has captivated viewers for centuries. The mythology behind the painting is the story of the goddess of beauty (Venus) being born out of the sea as a grown woman. Botticelli’s depiction of this story is fantastic and one of the most famous and iconic Italian Renaissance works of all time. Being that Renaissance actually means “Rebirth”, I had the strong desire to reinvent this masterpiece and capture the essence of the story with my own style. She is reborn into the modern world with countless layers and perspectives (inspired by orphism and cubism). This reflects the idea that her beauty can be interpreted in endless perspectives and interpretations. Multiple perspectives include her silhouette as well as her glance downward. The idea of beauty changes with different generations and with time. Capturing the movement and the feeling of ever-changing beauty was the goal of this piece.

    Rebirth was SOLD in 2009, and also received an Honorable Mention from Artworks Gallery in Richmond, VA.

  • The Tooth of Time Commission

    This particular piece was requested from an awe-inspiring and close friend of mine. Although we only see each other occasionally, when we get together it is as if no time has passed. Being a natural outdoors woman, she has spent long periods of time in the gorgeous mountains of New Mexico. She requested a painting (in my style) of an iconic landmark in that area, “ The Tooth of Time”. Historically it was a landmark for those on the Santa Fe Trail which marked about 7 days until they arrived at their destination.

    One of my goals was to use a color palette that represents my friend’s upbeat and adventurous personality and the tribal Southwest. Painted in an abstracted style, I was able to allude to the image of the landmark and capture the flow of the mountains and the sky.

    My intention was for the sky and the mountains to connect like a puzzle, overlapping and becoming intertwined, reflecting each other. In this way, the separation between the sky and the mountains collide. This painting is a collaboration of my friend’s memories and my interpretation of the experience of arriving at “The Tooth of Time”.

    Tooth of Time, New Mexico.
    Acrylic on Canvas, 20in by 16in

  • Pose

    Created in 2008, “Pose” was inspired by the expression of dance. This piece was created after I came across a photo of my cousin, an extremely talented and professional dancer. I have always felt inspired and intrigued by dancers. As a visual person, I find dance even more captivating than listening to music and the collaboration of both is a fantastic form of expression.

    I feel that dance directly relates to my style of artwork. A dancer’s strength and elegance is something that I enjoy incorporating into my work. We both strive to capture or use motion in different ways while expressing emotion. Although I am not a dancer, I feel a connection with how they communicate to their audience and how I communicate to mine. We both use movement with different instruments: the body and the elements of art. This piece was made to take that emotion expressed by the dancers’ pose and add visual energy exuding from each movement. The colors emphasize that energy of this regal pose and the carvings through thick texture give the painting depth and dimension.

    Pose* was sold in 2009.

  • Orphic Stare

    Orphic Stare 2006 3ftx3ft original sold | prints available upon request

  • Insight

    This acrylic painting on canvas was made through a process of quick and active brush strokes. The figure of the man contemplating evolved through countless layers of paint and brought insight to my subconscious. This piece was inadvertently modeled after my younger brother. The painting embodies his philosophical personality and emphasizes his trademark pondering pose.

    Insight*2013 Acrylic on Canvas, 16in by 20in Insight was sold in 2014

  • Intentions

    ‘Intentions’ is one of my most personal and favorite images. It was created through the concept of trust, specifically when…

  • Intertwined

    Intertwined 2007 8.5in x 11in original sold | prints available upon request

  • Flamenco

    Flamenco 16 x 20in Oil Paint/ Mixed Media on Canva This painting was created with the act of dancing in…

  • Elephants

    “Elephants,” a mixed media piece I created in 2009 while exploring the use of pattern. After doing much research on different cultural patterns and textile designs, I decided to create a piece that incorporated a feeling of an African Safari. I wanted to allude to the presence of the African elephant through abstract patterns. I used countless layers of paint and texture and incorporated a color scheme of yellow, orange, brown, gold and teal. This piece is special to me not only because I hid elephant silhouettes in it, but it is also a great conversation starter at exhibits.

    This painting received an award at the James Madison University Undergraduate Exhibit in 2009 and was SOLD in 2012.

  • Concern

    Concern 3ft by 3ft Mixed Media on Board 2011 Painted over a textured surface of various materials, “Concern” emerged through the process of…