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Created in 2008, “Pose” was inspired by the expression of dance.  This piece was created after I came across a photo of my cousin, an extremely talented and professional dancer. I have always felt inspired and intrigued by dancers.  As a visual person, I find dance even more captivating than listening to music and the collaboration of both is a fantastic form of expression.

I feel that dance directly relates to my style of artwork.  A dancer’s strength and elegance is something that I enjoy incorporating into my work. We both strive to capture or use motion in different ways while expressing emotion.  Although I am not a dancer, I feel a connection with how they communicate to their audience and how I communicate to mine.  We both use movement with different instruments: the body and the elements of art.  This piece was made to take that emotion expressed by the dancers’ pose and add visual energy exuding from each movement.  The colors emphasize that energy of this regal pose and the carvings through thick texture give the painting depth and dimension.

3ft x 5ft
Mixed Media on Canvas
original sold | prints available upon request

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