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  1. Determine the general idea for the commissioned piece
    Work with the client to determine general subject, size, and color scheme
    Leave detail decisions up to me! I want to create a masterpiece for you, the more freedom you give me, the better I will be able to do this
    See a particular piece of mine you like? This is a good place to start.
  2. Discuss and decide a schedule/timeline
    Start time of commissioned piece
    Time frame of sending art images for approval
    Timing of packaging and delivery or pick-up
  3. Sign a written agreement and submit deposit
    50% deposit is due at project start along with the submission of the signed agreement
  4. Send photos of artwork
    Photos will be sent periodically for clients approval
    Art photos will be sent prior to shipping or delivering the piece
  5. Final payment
    The final balance is due prior to delivery of the commissioned piece
  6. Delivery
    Packaging and shipping costs will be added to the total balance

    Approximate pricing dependent on size
    Small paintings $95 – $110
    16x20in $315 – $345
    18x24in $430 – $470
    30x40in $690 – $750
    Large custom built canvas paintings $920 – $1,000

After years of creating commissioned art and murals, I have solidified my process that works best for the artist as well as the client. Commission pieces are unique! Going through the creative process with the artist exemplifies the meaning of the work for the art patron. This is because they become a part of the creative process and go home with a work of art that perfectly suits their needs.


All art is available as a print upon request.
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100 Days of Painting

View project progress.

An ongoing passion project to make 100 pieces of work. The goal is to develop a series of mini paintings to spark experimentation and creativity. Original paintings for this series will not be available for purchase until the full set is complete. If you are interested in a print of one of these pieces, would like to send an idea, or see your work interpreted send an email to