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  • Pathways

    Pathways Mixed Media on Sculpture Board 6ft by 1.5ft 2011 Pathways was sold in 2018. With it’s unique sculptural qualities,…

  • Molten

    Molten 4in x 4in each – set of 2 (2in depth) Mixed Media on board Original Sold in 2015

  • Photosynthesis

    This piece was appropriately named after the cycle in which plants convert sunlight, minerals, and carbon dioxide into energy in order to grow and produce oxygen. It is a cycle that, like many scientific processes, is usually explained using textbook diagrams. In contrast to understanding a technical diagram, I felt the need to visually capture this event taking place through abstraction. Photosynthesis will hopefully spark interest in science as well as the artistic and abstract feeling of energy through life processes, which we many times overlook in our world.

    With it’s unique sculptural qualities, it can stand up (as shown) but was created to be hung on the wall. Although the inspiration was from scientific life processes, the 1.5 ft by 4 ft scale and curvaceous figurative element hints at the female form and relates to the reproduction of life and “Mother Nature.”

    Photosynthesis was SOLD in 2009. This piece is included in the” Somewhere between a painting and a sculpture [2009-2012] “series

  • Perplexed

    Perplexed Mixed Media 4ft x 4ft original sold | prints available upon request

  • Equinox

    Equinox 2010 1.5ft x 4ft Mixed Media Sculpture original sold | prints available upon request