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Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold
16in x 20in each (set of 3)
Acrylic on Canvas

There are times when I work on a painting to the point where I feel it is almost complete. I then take a step back and I’m unhappy with it.  When this happens I usually put the work away for a few weeks and then work on it again later. By that time I am less attached to the piece and I am focused on other projects. The time away allows me to bring the painting to the next level. It gives me the ability to have more perspective and freedom to make significant, needed and final changes. Some of my favorite pieces have been works I didn’t like at first and then returned to complete.   ‘Hot & Cold’ is a trip-tic and a “second chance piece”.  With a fresh perspective, I was able to finish ‘Hot & Cold,’ which was inspired by a mood swing filled relationship.

original available | prints available upon request

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