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tooth of time

  • The Tooth of Time Commission

    This particular piece was requested from an awe-inspiring and close friend of mine. Although we only see each other occasionally, when we get together it is as if no time has passed. Being a natural outdoors woman, she has spent long periods of time in the gorgeous mountains of New Mexico. She requested a painting (in my style) of an iconic landmark in that area, “ The Tooth of Time”. Historically it was a landmark for those on the Santa Fe Trail which marked about 7 days until they arrived at their destination.

    One of my goals was to use a color palette that represents my friend’s upbeat and adventurous personality and the tribal Southwest. Painted in an abstracted style, I was able to allude to the image of the landmark and capture the flow of the mountains and the sky.

    My intention was for the sky and the mountains to connect like a puzzle, overlapping and becoming intertwined, reflecting each other. In this way, the separation between the sky and the mountains collide. This painting is a collaboration of my friend’s memories and my interpretation of the experience of arriving at “The Tooth of Time”.

    Tooth of Time, New Mexico.
    Acrylic on Canvas, 20in by 16in