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  • Indecision

    There was a time when the indecisiveness of making a life decision consumed me. Making art has always been, for me, a NECESSARY release from the monotony of daily life. Without any rules, I fell in love with the idea that everything I made was a part of me that I could put out into the world. I wanted to leave behind these pieces of me, and making fine art was how I wanted to tell my story. In the same way, I was in love with all things design as well. I felt the pressure to choose one life or the other. This was an impossibility. I refused to choose a label and I decided to make my own path. This painting is about the struggle of self identity specifically with a professional career.

    There are two distinct figures in this piece. The first on the far right side of the painting is a female silhouette and the second is the back of a female silhouette leaning all the way toward the far left side of the painting, emphasizing the two choices. Connected to the first silhouette are two other perspectives of the face showing the agony of the indecision. One face is looking upward towards the future of the choice on the right side of the piece, and the other is looking outward toward the left side extending her arm and trying to hold onto the other option at the same time. The second figure on the left has her leg extended to the left of the canvas and the other leg bent toward the right of the canvas. She is bending her body and stretches her torso to the left of the painting, while only showing the back of her head on the left. Other than the female figures in this piece there is also another very distinct silhouette that embodies the entire painting. The lion. The lion symbolizes the courage, strength, and power to stand behind the decisions we make.

    Indecision was SOLD in 2013