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  • Endurance

    I don’t consider myself much of a sports fan, but when it comes to the Olympics I can’t resist. I have always been inspired by the physical and mental endurance of the athletes. I felt the need to visualize through abstraction the unseen motion, power, and energy which exudes from their bodies. I wanted to capture the moment when they give everything they have to push themselves to the limit.

    “Endurance” was inspired by the aquatic powerhouse, Michael Phelps. Specifically, after watching the 100M butterfly in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where he won by one-hundredth of a second. His last extra ounce of energy was unbelievable! I decided to paint this piece representing that last moment, breath, and stroke endured through such exhaustion. I want the viewer to experience the energy in this nearly life-size painting, standing face-to-face as the athlete shoots out of the water.

    Endurance2011 Acrylic on Board, 6ft by 2ft Available