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  • Rebirth of Venus

    Rebirth of Venus was inspired by the famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli in 1486. It was a commissioned work for the Medici family of Florence. This painting is one that I was first introduced to after studying the Renaissance. Venus’ facial expression, her eyes, her mouth and her long locks of hair are something that has captivated viewers for centuries. The mythology behind the painting is the story of the goddess of beauty (Venus) being born out of the sea as a grown woman. Botticelli’s depiction of this story is fantastic and one of the most famous and iconic Italian Renaissance works of all time. Being that Renaissance actually means “Rebirth”, I had the strong desire to reinvent this masterpiece and capture the essence of the story with my own style. She is reborn into the modern world with countless layers and perspectives (inspired by orphism and cubism). This reflects the idea that her beauty can be interpreted in endless perspectives and interpretations. Multiple perspectives include her silhouette as well as her glance downward. The idea of beauty changes with different generations and with time. Capturing the movement and the feeling of ever-changing beauty was the goal of this piece.

    Rebirth was SOLD in 2009, and also received an Honorable Mention from Artworks Gallery in Richmond, VA.