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  • Venus 2 Commission

    Venus 2 was a commissioned piece. After viewing the painting “Rebirth of Venus”, the client decided they wanted a more surreal and whimsical approach with the same concept coming from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. You can read more about the inspiration for “Rebirth of Venus” [Here.]

    Their request was that the piece incorporate Venus being born out of the ocean, using a pastel color palette, and a prominent seashore theme. It was interesting to once again reinvent Venus being born out of the sea, and to incorporate a more realistic yet surreal figure. This opportunity to use the same subject in a different way really shows the diversity of how the same story can be told and convey different meaning with different imagery.

    Venus 2* was SOLD in 2014
    This piece is included in the Surrealist Imagery [2008-2011] series