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Orbitz started with a project and ended with a breakthrough. While working to attain my education in art, an interesting project was assigned to me. I attribute this project to completely changing the way I create. The Project was to make 15 pieces of art. Each piece needed to be created out of different mediums. The purpose of the assignment was to simply explore. To create 15 pieces within a few weeks seemed attainable, however it was realistically a daunting task. Looking to finish quickly, I planned each piece and sped through 14 of them. At the start of the last piece, a realization happened: the work had no meaning. Frustrated and at a loss for an idea for the last piece, I began mixing different mediums together…without thinking. THE PROCESS OF MAKING, without any plans was my breakthrough. It allowed me to embrace emotion through abstraction. The 15th piece was Orbitz which influenced many other works and was the foundation that shaped my artistic style.

This piece is included in the Cubism/Futurism/Graffiti [2006-2008] series.
original sold | prints available upon request

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