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kbjoseph_evolution_2015_F kbjoseph_evolution_hanging_2015 kbjoseph_evolution_detail4_web kbjoseph_evolution_detail3_web

2ft x 3ft
Mixed Media on Canvas

After envisioning the use of oceanic and aquatic elements into my work, I began making on ‘Evolution’. This piece was created during the summer of 2008 and was the first abstract/cubist piece inspired by sealife.  The main image is the moving fish that is jumping out of the wave. There are many perspectives overlapping the fish to allude to it’s movement as well as the continuous motion of the water.  Along with the initial oceanic theme, while working on this piece the fish ‘evolved’ and emerges through the water. This painting questions and examines the moment of oceanic evolution.

original sold | prints available upon request

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