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Cubist Creation of Adam




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Cubist Creation of Adam-Time lapse Video

Cubist Creation of Adam
6ft x 5ft

A while ago a friend suggested the idea of creating a time lapse video of the progression of a painting. The natural attraction to attack  a large blank canvas with paint made the decision to make this video easy. At many exhibits in the past people tend to ask questions like “how long did this take you?” and “how do you work?”.  Although this is simply a summary of the creation for this piece, hopefully it gives more insight to the viewer of  the PROCESS of painting…which is usually only shared between the artist and their canvas. Enjoy!

This large scale painting is a modern interpretation of the original Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. The original mural has significant spiritual meaning and the goal of recreating this piece was to understand and convey the moment of giving life. Inspired by both Michelangelo’s original as well as cubist art it was titled ‘Cubist Creation of Adam’. It is a modern, more present day painting aligned with the original.

original sold | prints available upon request

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